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Denzel Curry - TA13OO (CD ALBUM)

Denzel Curry - TA13OO (CD ALBUM)

Denzel Curry - TA13OO (CD ALBUM)

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Denzel Curry - TA13OO (CD ALBUM)

Denzel Curry - TA13OO (CD ALBUM)

TA13OO (TABOO) is the third album by Denzel Curry. On TA13OO, Denzel delivers a ground-breaking musical performance which sees him as a deadly lyricist and disciple of rap's forefathers while simultaneously filling the gap between the older generation and the new generation of Soundcloud rappers that he helped birth in both sound and style. With his music and movements, he commands respect from each group in a way few are able to as he tells stories that resonate with both audiences.


Act I. Light

1. "Taboo"

2. "Black Balloons" f. GoldLink

3. "Cash Manica" f. Nyjeria

4. "Sumo"

Act II. Gray

5. "Super Saiyan Superman"

6. "Switch It Up"

7. "Mad I Got It"

8. "Sirens" f. J.I.D

9. "Clout Cobain"

Act III. Dark

10. "The Blackest Balloon"

11. "Percs"

12. "Vengeance" f. Zillakami& JPGMAFIA

13. "Black Metal Terrorist"

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Release Date 21 Sep 2018
Brand N/A
Artist Denzel Curry
Title TA13OO
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