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Combat Archive Vol 3 (3 DVD)

Combat Archive Vol 3 (3 DVD)
Combat Archive Vol 3 (3 DVD)
Combat Archive Vol 3 (3 DVD)
Combat Archives – Volume III comprises of rare WWII footage, interviews and documentaries from official and private libraries. Not just from the military aspect, but also as educational, historical and social documents, the importance of this archive cannot be overstated.

Incendiary Attacks Against Japanese Cities: The bombing campaign against Japan
Pacific Milk Run: The US Navy and Army Air Corp carry out bombing raids against Japan
Japs Over China: A short film showing the array of Japanese aircraft used against China
Story of the Black Cats: The story of how the PBY was modified to become a lethal killer
Battle of Midway: One of the most dramatic naval battles in history destroyed the Imperial Navy
P-51 Fury of the Mustangs: The history and development of this renowned aircraft
The Super Plane That Hitler Wasted: Includes fascinating interviews with some of WWII’s greatest aviators
Outstanding Combat Footage of WWII: Compilation film of the Pacific War from the US Navy
Reconnaissance Mission: The journey of a reconnaissance bomber based in Guadalcanal
Great War Birds of WWII: The role of the Mustang, Thunderbolt, Lightning and Warhawk
Grumman at War: A motivation film telling the story of the F6F Hellcat
Air Force Tactical Firepower: Gun camera footage explaining the evolution of US Air Force tactics

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