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Combat Archive Vol 2 (3 DVD)

Combat Archive Vol 2 (3 DVD)
Combat Archive Vol 2 (3 DVD)
Combat Archive Vol 2 (3 DVD)
Combat Archives – Volume II comprises of rare WWII footage, interviews and documentaries from official and private libraries. Not just from the military aspect, but also as educational, historical and social documents, the importance of this archive cannot be overstated.

Battle of Britain & London: Footage of the reality of the damage Goering’s Luftwaffe inflicted
Air Raid Alarm: A German educational film showing civilians what to do during air raids
The Airacobra: A lesser-known aircraft gets its time in the spotlight
Thunderbolt: A colour film about the P-47 fighter, featuring James Stewart
The Air Plan: Follows the British bombing campaign as it attempts to bring down the German war effort
82nd Airborne Infantry Division: Great video history of this paratrooper division
A Team Man: The heroic story of Sergeant Vosler who saved his B-17 crew
Day With the A-36: The role of the “Apache” in Africa, the Mediterranean and Burma
P-38, Angel In Overalls: A motivational film made for workers at the Lockheed plant
Lightning Strikes: Gun camera action and colour footage of America’s iconic plane

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