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Combat Archive - Vol 1 (3 DVD)

Combat Archive - Vol 1 (3 DVD)
Combat Archive - Vol 1 (3 DVD)
Combat Archive - Vol 1 (3 DVD)
Combat Archives – Volume I comprises of rare WWII footage, interviews and documentaries from official and private libraries. Not just from the military aspect, but also as educational, historical and social documents, the importance of this archive cannot be overstated.
P-38 Flight Characteristics: Details of the unusual but effective P-38 twin-engine plane
Collecting and Reporting Enemy Activity: Aerial reconnaissance in the Pacific area
The Air War Starts: Background on how the US entered WWII with a fledgling air force
WWII Advances in Technology: A short film outlining some significant technological improvements
Mission Accomplished: The first B-17 mission into Germany focussing on the role of the pilot
B-25 Low Level Strafing: Specially outfitted B-25s fly at treetop level in 1945
Lost Luftwaffe Films: A rare glimpse behind the scenes of the German Airforce
The Fighting Liberator: The role of the B-24 in major bombing campaigns
Burning Ploesti Oil: A short film chronicling one of WWII’s most infamous raids
Desert Air Force: A rare glimpse into the decisive air battles over North Africa
Ace of Aces: The story of Eddie Rickenbacker, America’s top ace of WWI

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