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Cold Beat - Mother (CD)

Cold Beat - Mother (CD)

Cold Beat - Mother (CD)

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Cold Beat - Mother (CD)

Cold Beat - Mother (CD)

San Francisco band Cold Beat make their DFA debut with ‘Mother’, a collection of ten pop transmissions from Earth. Wound tight with an energy that ricochets from one song into the next, ‘Mother’ was made while frontperson Hannah Lew (formerly of indie trio Grass Widow) was pregnant and considering the chaotic conditions of the world she was bringing a new human into.

If we consider ‘Mother’ an artistic style guide through space and time, the framework Cold Beat provide is overcast by design but focused on execution; locked-in drums and synths with choir-like melodies high above it all. The A-side of Mother presents the facts as we perceive them, while the B- side accelerates into the uncertain. ‘Mother’ is Cold Beat at their most concentrated and crystalline. It’s an honest, forgiving and ultimately optimistic team effort from a band busy being born, re-born and giving life.


  1. Smoke
  2. Prism
  3. Paper
  4. Pearls
  5. Gloves
  6. Through
  7. Double Sided Mirror
  8. Mother
  9. Crimes
  10. Flat Earth
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Release Date 28 Feb 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Cold Beat
Title Mother
Format CD
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