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Clash - The Joe Strummer Story (DVD/CD/Booklet Pack)

Clash - The Joe Strummer Story (DVD/CD/Booklet Pack)
Clash - The Joe Strummer Story (DVD/CD/Booklet Pack)
Clash - The Joe Strummer Story (DVD/CD/Booklet Pack)
The sudden death in December 2002 of Joe Strummer, front man of the legendary Seventies punk band The Clash, robbed the world of rock and roll music of one of its unique talents.
This DVD is the definitive story of one of the world’s greatest rock front-men, and includes rare performance footage together with revealing and exclusive interviews with fellow Clash members
Mick Jones and Topper Headon, Tymon Dogg of The Mescaleros, and ex-Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, along with close friends, fans and those who worked with The Clash on the road.
Packed with electrifying hits like London Calling, White Riot and English Civil War, the programme
follows Joe’s career from his early beginnings as a member of London squat band The 101ers, through the triumphant years of The Clash, and latterly with his own Nineties band The Mescaleros. Viva Joe Strummer is an authoritative and overdue tribute to one of British rock music’s greatest performers and songwriters who has earned his own unique place in the pantheon of popular music history.
“Were it not for the Clash, punk would have been just a sneer, a safety pin and a pair of bondage trousers. Instead, the incendiary lyrics of the Clash inspired 1,000 more bands on both sides of the Atlantic to spring up and challenge their elders, and the man we all looked to was Joe Strummer.” Billy Bragg
“The Clash turned punk into a proper political movement, and Joe Strummer showed recently that he still had much of value to say. It is a terrible tragedy to lose him at this early age.” David Bowie
32 PAGE BOOKLET - Featuring rare pictures and detailing the life and times of Joe Strummer
AUDIO CD - Exclusive interviews with Joe Strummer, guitarist Mick Jones, bass player Paul Simonon and original drummer Topper Headon.

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