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Broadside (DVD)

Broadside (DVD)
Broadside (DVD)
Broadside (DVD)
BROADSIDE employs dramatic re-enactments, 3D computer graphics and scholarly interviews to chronicle one of the fiercest naval wars during the Age of Sail.

Throughout the 17th century, Dutch and English forces waged both continental and naval warfare over colonial territory on the eastern coast of America. In 1664, England instigated a war through an armed invasion of Manhattan that left the island’s Dutch colonists with no choice but to surrender.

State-of-the-art animation re-imagines the 200 Dutch and English battleships, in miles-long formations, fighting desperately and violently for dominion over world trade.

The documentary interweaves interviews with naval and Restoration historians, providing a modern-day perspective and analysis of the significance of each move in the deadly game of war.

BROADSIDE captures the drama and intrigue of a bygone time and, in the process, illuminates one of the turning points in maritime history.

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