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Brian Cadd - Parabrahm (CD)

Brian Cadd - Parabrahm (CD)

Brian Cadd - Parabrahm (CD)

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Brian Cadd - Parabrahm (CD)

Brian Cadd - Parabrahm (CD)

This was the second album in the trilogy of solo albums I made for Bootleg Records before eventually moving to LA and signing with Capitol Records.

The first album Brian Cadd had gone amazingly well as did the single Ginger Man. So it was then a matter of being able to follow that up. 

We recorded the first side as separate tracks and Keep on Rockin’ became the single. We were touring intensively once the album was released and Keep on Rockin’ became a hit, primarily because of reaction to it on stage. I still often play it.

During the writing of this album I kept coming up with little mini country songs. Really just snippets. They gradually became linked to each other in sound and content. 

I had never attempted a ‘suite’ before (not many really did in the pop world) so I decided to link these little songs together with a story-line. In so many respects they harked back to the enormous influence on me of story-tellers like The Band. Ron Tudor from Bootleg Records was horrified that I had recorded one continuous B side of the album that was 22-minutes long. But he went along with it, fortunately. 

I’m so proud of The Ballad Of a Country Lady although it was never performed on stage. Maybe I could now.


1. Heroes 

2. Handy Man 

3. Give Me A Present

4. Matilda

5. Keep On Rockin’

6. Sweet Little Country Lady

7. Too Young

8. Kingston River Travellin’ Man

9. Riverboat Lady

10. Little Old Country Lady


11. Alvin Purple (Theme) 

12. Every Mothers Son

13. Sometime Man 

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More Information
Release Date 7 Jun 2019
Brand N/A
Artist Brian Cadd
Title Parabrahm
Format CD
Packaging cd 30 2Letter
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