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Aunty Donna - The Album (CD ALBUM)

Aunty Donna - The Album (CD ALBUM)

Aunty Donna - The Album (CD ALBUM)

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Aunty Donna - The Album (CD ALBUM)

Aunty Donna - The Album (CD ALBUM)

The ever-growing comedic beast that is Aunty Donnapresents their debut album Aunty Donna –The Albumto be released on Friday, April 6th. Featuring 16 original songs, written and performed by Aunty Donna, plus several very special guests.

Each week leading up to the album release, Aunty Donna will drop a video for one of the album tracks. Special guests on the album include Hamish Blake, Montaigne, Boilermakers(Matt Okine)and more.

On recording and releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Aunty Donna said, "When we started making this album we had no idea that we'd lose all our dogs. They all ran away and we are very upset. Mine ran away after I played a song from the album but Brodenjust left the gate open one night. His dog never got the chance to hear any of the album.

Earlier this week Aunty Donna announced their latest live offering, GlennridgeSecondary College, which will make its debut at Canberra Comedy Festival in March before heading to Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Perth Comedy Festival, before concluding in Brisbane in May.

The past two years for the Aunty Donna boys have been massive. A creative collective, the Donnas actually number six: actor/writersMark SamualBonanno, BrodenKellyand Zachary Ruane, writer/director Sam Lingham, film director/editor Max Miller, and sound designer/composer Tom Armstrong. Together they've mastered their unique brand of surreal, fast paced, alternative sketch.


1.Silly Sound Song

2.Chuffed (Dad Song)


4.Sometimes I Struggle To Finish Projects

5.Best Day Of My Life feat. Demi Lardner

6.I Can't Hear Out Of My Left Ear

7.Professor Whiskers

8.The Theme From Friends

9.War Isn't Cool feat. Michelle Brasier

10.Chop Chop[English Version]

11.Don't Put This On At Parties

12.The Best Freestylers in the World feat. Montaigne and Boilermakers


14.Aunty Donna Theme feat. SUB-Human

15.(Walking In On Someone) Doin' A Poo

16.Secret Track. PlsDon't Listen

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