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Amahiru - Amahiru (CD)

Amahiru - Amahiru (CD)

Amahiru - Amahiru (CD)

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Amahiru - Amahiru (CD)

Amahiru - Amahiru (CD)

AMAHIRU is a spawn of musical crossbreed between Frédéric Leclercq (Kreator, Sinsaenum, Dragonforce) and Saki (Mary’s Blood). Their friendship started in 2015 when Mary’s Blood opened for Dragonforce in Hong Kong. They got along very quickly and it didn't take long till they came up with the idea to collaborate on a musical project. Many ideas were exchanged between them for the following few years and finally, in March of 2019, Fred came to Japan to finish up the songs. So AMAHIRU's music is a mere addition of Dragonforce and Mary’s Blood? No, it is way more than that as Frédéric explains: "I'm influenced by many artists, pretty much anything I hear I can consider an influence and music should be the reflection of that. With AMAHIRU I personally wanted to do something groovy and melodic and still metal/hard rock. We didn't want to make 12 songs sounding the same. Saki and I have a lot in common musically and it was really easy to work together in the same direction.”

Though the album would still be categorized as a “metal album”, the oriental elements, which Saki brought in, cannot be ignored. Especially the Shakuhachi (the Japanese traditional woodwind instrument) played by its virtuoso Kifu Mitsuhashi gives a great exotic touch to AMAHIRU's world. The CD features 12 brand new tracks, each with an unique atmosphere of hard hitting guitar riffs, melodic vocals and foreign accompaniment. They serve as a great introduction to the unique sound of AMAHIRU and set the bar high for future releases of the band.

1. Innocent
3. Hours
4. Way Out
5. Ninja No Tamashii
6. Vanguard
7. Bringing Me Down
8. Lucky Star
9. Waves
10. Samurai
11. Bringing Me Down (feat. Sean Reinert)
12. Zombi (Bonus Track)

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Release Date 27 Nov 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Amahiru
Title Amahiru
Format CD
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