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ABC Kids - Let's Play! (CD ALBUM)

ABC Kids - Let's Play! (CD ALBUM)
ABC Kids - Let's Play! - Various Artists (CD ALBUM)
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ABC Kids - Let's Play! - Various Artists (CD ALBUM)

ABC KIDS -Let's Play!is a fun new compilation album for the little ones to enjoy these holidays. Featuring songs from all your ABC KIDS favourites including Justine Clarke, The Wiggles, Teletubbies, Play School, Giggle and Hoot and more, Let's Play! is jam-packed with 40 wonderful tunes that children will love singing and dancing along to throughout the summer.


1. Nay Nay-Hey Hey, Let's Play

2. Bananas In Pyjamas -Banana Holiday

3. The Wiggles -Five Fingered Family

4. Justine Clarke -We Haven't Even Gone Outside

5. Sesame Street -Happy Tappin' With Elmo

6. ABC Kids -Come On Get Happy

7. Peg + Cat -Do It Like He Drew It

8. Jimmy Barnes and The Wiggles -Shake Your Shaggy, Shaggy Mane

9. Giggle and Hoot -The Gigglemobile

10. Pevan & Sarah -Keep It Moving

11. Teletubbies -Big Hugs

12. YoGabbaGabba-Party In My Tummy

13. Jay Laga'aia-Dance On Your Toes

14. dirtgirland friends -Get Grubby TV Theme

15. Dinosaur Train -Great Big Stompin' Dinosaur Feet

16. Battlebird-Going Back To The Future

17. Franciscus Henri -Five Coconuts

18. Play School -Friends All Together

19. John Field -Fly Like A Bird

20. The Wiggles -Simon Says

21. Sesame Street -Sing

22. Nay Nay-Rain Stomp

23. Bananas In Pyjamas -Bumping And A-Jumping

24. dirtgirland friends -Dance All Day

25. ABC Kids -I'm H-A-P-P-Y

26. Play School -Celebrate (Hip HipHooray)

27. ABC Kids -Blame It On The Boogie

28. SplashDance-Everybody's Moving

29. Nay Nay-Tinkertime

30. ABC Kids -Don't Worry, Be Happy

31. Pevan & Sarah -My Balloon

32. Peg + Cat -SortySort Sort

33. Teletubbies -Bottom Bump Song

34. Justine Clarke -Dancing Pants

35. Jimmy Barnes and The Wiggles -My G'NuKazoo

36. Dinosaur Train -Dinosaur Train Main Title

37. Giggle and Hoot -The Giggle Galaxy

38. Battlebird-Bounce To The Beat

39. YoGabbaGabba-Freeze Game

40. The Green Bananas -Orangutan Walk

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Release Date 3 Nov 2017
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Artist Various Artists
Title ABC Kids - Let's Play!
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