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Wild Events - Complete TV Series (2 DVD)

Wild Events - Complete TV Series (2 DVD)
Wild Events - Complete TV Series (2 DVD)
Wild Events - Complete TV Series (2 DVD)

As our global attitudes change and the first steps are taken in repairing the damage caused to our natural environments, its time to pause and marvel at some of the natural phenomenon that have intrigued and fascinated us for generations and the Wild Events that we are now striving to preserve. Filmed in HD and presented by wildlife expert Jake Willers, this series features seven of the most intriguing and spectacular acts of wildlife to ever be captured on film. From the unrelenting power of the Wildebeest migration to the colourful frenzy of the Flamingo feasts; the terror of attacking Army Ants to skies darkened by hoards of bats and landscapes obscured by millions of Christmas Island Crabs; from the bloody carnage inflicted on Sardine schools off the coast of Africa to the astounding visual splendour of Macaws gathering en mass, Wild Events is a unique series guaranteed to reawaken your sense of wonder.

The Wildebeest Migration
Jake takes his place in the largest movement of wildlife on earth to reveal the traumas of this lifelong trek. It's a game of chance as they face predators and unforgiving river crossings, just to get to greener pastures.

Flight of the Bat
Jake gets close to the action at the biggest bat colony in the world. Every night around 40 million bats consume 200 tonnes of insects. That's equivalent to a herd of African elephants. It's an unmissable wild event.

The Sardine Run
Every year, millions of frenzied Sardines make a 1000-mile journey along the South African coast hotly pursued by gangs of bloodthirsty predators. Jake Willers joins in the underwater killing fields that host of one of the planets greatest wild shows.

The Flamingo Feast
Jake journeys to the water’s edge to find out why the lesser flamingo is so picky about its choice of lake. Witness thousands of pink hued flamingos gathered in Lake Nakuru in one of nature's most beautiful Wild Events.

Attack of the Army Ants
Forget lions and crocodiles, Army Ants are the super predators of the wild kingdom. Jake Willers enters their world to track down their HQ and find out why an army ant raid one of the world's most terrifying Wild Events.

The Macaw Gathering
Jake journeys into the heart of Peru to help create a new clay lick for the local macaw. Discover why these birds need their daily dose of clay and experience one of the most brilliant shows in nature.

March of the Christmas Crab
It is a Spectacular Wild Event to die for, literally if you are a Christmas Island red Crab. Jake Willers explores one of the most dangerous wild journeys undertaken to ensure the continuation of the species..
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