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Tori & Dean: Inn Love - Season 1 (2 DVD)

Tori & Dean: Inn Love - Season 1 (2 DVD)
Tori & Dean: Inn Love - Season 1 (2 DVD)
Tori & Dean: Inn Love - Season 1 (2 DVD)

TORI AND DEAN INN LOVE SEASON 1 2 DVD PACK As seen on Arena Tori Spelling’s autobiography sTORI Telling recently hit the number 1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Join Tori Spelling, star of the hit series Beverly Hills 90210, and her husband, fellow actor Dean McDermott, in their hit reality-sitcom series documenting a new adventurous chapter of their lives together. See them trade the glam of 90210 for the unfamiliar surrounds of a Bed and Breakfast in the country and welcome a new addition to the family, Liam Aaron. Their idea to reinvent the Bed & Breakfast in a hip, chic, modern style is finally realized and with the help of a few friends and staff, they plan to meet the challenge of the juggling their responsibilities as new parents, innkeepers and working actors. Follow Tori and Dean as they pursue their dream of running a business and being new parents. Are they really cut out for a life of 24/7 serving the whims of high maintenance guests? Will cooking for housefuls of hungry customers and jetting off on international press junkets prove to be too much? What about the trials of caring for a newborn while managing acting careers? Will Tori and Dean be able to make ends meet? Watch as Tori and Dean struggle to balance their lives together, all while caring for a baby, pursuing their acting and realizing that their goal of doing all this while running a Bed and Breakfast might be more difficult than they imagined! Despite being Hollywood royalty and considered a snobby, stuck-up rich girl, this show actually shows Tori Spelling for the kind-hearted, funny and hard-working woman that she actually. A funny and inspirational series. Extras: Photo gallery, Booklet, Fallbrook Community Map

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