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Journey to Planet Earth: A Delicate Balance (DVD)

Journey to Planet Earth: A Delicate Balance (DVD)
Journey to Planet Earth: A Delicate Balance (DVD)
Journey to Planet Earth: A Delicate Balance (DVD)

Produced by the Emmy Award Winning producers Marilyn and Hal Weiner, this series explores the degradation of the world�s grasslands, climate change on marine ecosystems, the increased spread of infectious diseases and the relationship between armed conflict and the environment. Hosted and narrated by Matt Damon.

On The Brink investigates how severe environmental issues can lead to political crises and increased hostilities around the world. We explore in depth how deforestation, soil erosion, water depletion, air pollution, surging refuge populations and global climate change threaten the national security of governments around the globe. Locations include Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, North Korea, Mexico, Haiti and the United States. Hot Zones explores just how closely linked our own health is to that of the environment. With the re-emergence of ancient and infectious diseases like malaria, cholera, and the recent outbreak of thirty previously unknown diseases, we will closely examine the consequences of altering global and local ecosystems. Locations include Kenya, Peru, Bangladesh and the United States.

Seas of Grass navigates the complex relationship between the degradation of the world's grasslands and poverty, disease and loss of habitat. We explore the impact of frequent burning, livestock grazing, reduction in species diversity and the conversion of grassland to farmland or desert. Locations include Kenya, Pampas and Pantagonian grasslands of Argentina, the Great Plains of North America and the Mongolian Steppes.

Future Conditional reveals one of the greatest effects of environmental pollution, yet one which we can not see, hear or feel. Toxic pollutants have entered our bodies at an alarming rate over the past few generations, and now we travel to the Arctic circle, Mexico and the US to witness the damage caused by these toxins, which are often created many thousands of miles away from the victims.

Year 2006
DVD Release Date September 4, 2008
Catalogue Number 198715
Running Time 240
Rating G
Media DVD
Special Features TBC
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL
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Release Date N/A
Brand N/A
Artist N/A
Title Journey to Planet Earth: A Delicate Balance (DVD)
Format DVD
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